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Ski-doo in Kfardebian

A friend of mine rented a “chalet” in Faraya Mzaar, also known as Kfardebian or Oyoun al Simane. Rental costs 1.000 $/month. Personally, I would rather invest the money in one (or two!) new designer handbags per month, buuut.. of course I took the opportunity and we visited her some weeks ago. We rented ski-doos for half an hour, and it was a GREAT experience (our footprints above)! Jetskis are not my thing, but ski-doos are WOW! This time, we were too lazy for “snow-walking” but we will do that soon and I will tell you more about it.. For now, I can definitely recommend ski-doos to you! I am seriously considering buying one – but: They cost 10.000 $ +! Means 10 new designer handbags +!! No way 😉



  1. Sounds like loads of fun. I’m planning on going to Faraya in a couple of weeks so I’ll definitely give it a go. How much do they cost to rent?

    • Hanan

      nooo problem: just click on the words ski-doo, jetski and faraya mzaar for more info and images 😉 i’m happy that you like my blog! you are my first danish visitor, pls spread the word 🙂

    • Me & Beirut

      So your boyfriend is Lebanese, and you’re from Switzerland, interesting 🙂 Grand merci for your comments, I really enjoyed them! 🙂 Skidoo is amazing indeed, got to do it again soon!

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