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Mseilha Fort

Once a week, I teach environmental topics at a university in Tripoli. And you know what I enjoy most on my way there? Not the superb sea view on my left, nor the (few..) Italian-tinted old houses in the hills on my right. I am delighted every time I see the Mseilha Fort, right before the Chekka tunnel (click here and here). This picturesque treasure from the 17th century is often neglected by tourists, with all the Baalbecks and Anjars of the country. So much so that it is always closed when I try to visit it… That’s why today, I stopped there once again, to take a picture of my fairy tale castle 🙂 Which is here overshadowed by my current favorite coffee-to-go from Mountain Mudd (sold only at some IPT gas stations).



  1. Hi Hanan,
    There’s something quite mysterious about stumbling upon ruins and castles and forts in daily life, like you can in Lebanon. This one is quite nice!

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