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L’Oca Matta

Waiting lists are very common in Beirut, for flights to and from Europe in the summer, for nightclubs like Skybar and now even for restaurants! We tried to make reservations with friends at Em Sharif in Ashrafieh and Basilio in Gemmayzeh – but no chance! So we tried another restaurant in Mar Mkhael: L’Oca Matta. It was cozy and reminded me of my grandmother’s house, with its high ceilings and old tables and chairs. Although my téta would have never painted gooses (ocas) on the walls of a room! The meals were delicious but unfortunately, my plate was half empty. Thank God Bliss Street was only minutes away for an after dinner hot dog sandwich!



  1. Had there dinner last night. Cute little restaurant. Food is very good, and portions are not the largest. But if one considers that the portions are designed for you to have three courses, then they are ok.
    …. and for Beirut standards … the service was excellent …. 🙂

    • Me & Beirut

      Chef Thomas, i am SO honored by your visit! Yes you are absolutely right, the service was really good and the waiters were helpful and kind. But sometimes i’m so hungry that i need more than three courses! or four… or five 😉

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