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In some restaurants, the main attraction is the aquarium, like for example at Titanic Bar at Le Royal Hotel, Dbayeh. But at Basilio restaurant in Gemmayzeh, the fish in the aquarium is the Chef himself! He stays inside a glass room, drawing art works on porcelain plates while listening to music from his laptop. He is really funny! Sometimes, just to catch a breath, he leaves his aquarium and greets some restaurant guests – and disappears again to reappear behind his glass wall. His drawings are so amazing, and we were just wondering whom these plates were served to. Our really delicious mozarella salad came in a bread bowl and of course i had to take a bite! The fish saw me but it, euh, “he” didn’t bother 😉



  1. I liked how you said “the fish in the aquarium is the Chef himself!”
    I should visit this place!

    You are discovering lots of nice places, keep it up 🙂

    • Me & Beirut

      You will see, you will feel the same about him when u visit the resto! But don’t forget to book ahead for a dinner, think of my previous post 😉

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