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Tebnin Castle

This is not a Valentine post – but one about LOVE. A love that must have been so passionate that HE, the French crusader Prince Hugh de Saint Omer, had to engrave his feelings for HER, his Lebanese beauty from Tibnine, into the rocks outside his fortress. He built the castle in 1105, and it was changed many times during the following centuries (read here*). But his love for her, Elissa, remained eternal. Is there aaaanything more romantic than this heart? It reveals itself to you only from a certain angle. That’s why I’m not sure if anybody has noticed it yet. I’m not sure about this love story neither – but it seems so obvious to my passionate soul!



    • Me & Beirut

      Happy Valentine to you too 🙂 Hope you received tons of flowers 🙂 About the story, i just invented it 😉

    • Me & Beirut

      Yes really, it was such a nice surprise! 🙂 Happy to hear that I made you smile 🙂

  1. good one…
    thanks for checking out my blog to give me the opportunity to get to know your blog…

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