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Have you been to Cappuccino Palau March at Conquistador, 13 in Palma de Mallorca yet? Non? Much easier: Come to Cappuccino (here) at the new and amaaaazing Zaytunay Bay in Lebanon (here)!! They promise “Absolute guarantee of quality, service and good music”. The music part is very true – which doesn’t mean that the rest isn’t. It’s not usual to find a DJ playing in a café during the afternoon! This, together with the extremely stylish ladies (of all ages!), some of them hanging out on the maritime-tinted white sofas, made me feel like in Monaco, especially with the luxurious yachts waiting for me (meeee) outside! So, listen to me, skip Mallorca this year and come to LEBANON 🙂



  1. You HAVE to try em sheriff restaurant, it is near abd-el wahab, and I am sure you are going to like it!
    🙂 euh… it is not an adv, even if what I wrote looks like one, I tried it for dinner and enjoyed it a lot: the food and the “ambiance”, and thought of you blogging abt the restaurant u are visiting :-)) ….

    • Me & Beirut

      I looove your comment!! Thank you for thinking of me, I am honored! 🙂 Yes you are absolutely right, I should really try Oum Sherif. We made several spontaneous attempts but failed due to the waiting list! Gonna give it a new try this week. Thanks for reminding me Rita 🙂 ps I like your blog a lot, it’s filled with interesting thoughts and infos 🙂

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