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Kitsch – a boutique café

Ceci n’est pas un cupcake. This is Kitsch. And what is Kitsch? It’s originally a German word used to describe tasteless objects. But it’s also used in art. So why would you name your very charming boutique café in a side street in Gemmayzeh like this (here)? I should have asked her, the owner, a fashionista with an obvious taste for fashion, design and lifestyle. But she was holding a business meeting in her café, sitting at the table next to me and my crowned cupcake that I kept contemplating for many minutes. What describes this café most? Warm colors and of course stylish fashion. Oh, I forgot to mention the nice books about Beirut. Of course I bought the one with the shopping tips 🙂



  1. I have been there! yeah! Had a meeting there with a German fellow who was interested in starting a business here. Wonder whatever happened to him. He was. interesting.

    • Me & Beirut

      A German fellow, interesting, we really need a “Biergarten” in Lebanon, like in Munich… Such a nice atmosphere.. We should open one together one day 😉

    • Me & Beirut

      Ohhhh, and one of my dreams is to open a café one day!! I will buy my cupcakes from you, I promise!! 🙂

      • don’t know if i should start sharing my recipes on the blog… i am working on a personnel cooking book… and when i will *if ever* give a copy to anyone i have this feeling i will make them sign 100 contracts not to reveil any secrets :p
        i work a lot on my recipes so dunno …
        Anyway, for the café i think it would be a wonderful idea !!

  2. Apparently ‘kitsch’ can mean different things to different people, although I studied it as an artistic movement back in my Art History classes…

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