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Yasmina, what a beautiful name. And what a beautiful restaurant (here). The interior design is amazing, with the romantic paintings on the walls, the huge golden lamps, the elegant velvet chairs and the wonderful lilac and orange flowers on the table. I couldn’t stop photographing them – until I noticed that they were fake! Oh mon Dieu! Why would they do that to me? What about a real rose or gardenia? The waiters were so charming and the food was so fresh (although not very Indian), I didn’t have the heart to complain. Maybe you could do that for me next time? For me and Yasmina!



    • Me & Beirut

      yees, déjà in order to enjoy the walls and Yasmina dancing on them 😉

    • Me & Beirut

      oui, what a faux pas, the fake flowers… maybe MABSOOTA (below) will tell them 😉

  1. Oh, my friend’s family owns that restaurant! I really want to try it but the fiance refuses to eat Indian food 😦

    • Me & Beirut

      haha, you can tell him it’s not very typically Indian, it’s fusion food with a French touch 😉

  2. If the restaurant has pleasant setting and great food then there is nothing to complain about. About the fake flowers I don’t see anything wrong with taking photos of fake flowers because you can only tell the difference if you are the type that likes to scrutinize photos,

    • Me & Beirut

      Yes of course, you’re right, the fake flowers are only a detail.. but real flowers are such a joy 🙂 the fake ones just don’t have “the spirit” inside..

  3. Anonymous

    Definitely a beautiful interior but yes, should have fresh flowers.

      • Austin

        bonnie “prince” billy is his stage name, but his real name is will oldham…really awesome artist, you should check him out.

    • Me & Beirut

      Yes, it’s really cute, you’re gonna like it 🙂 And please say hello to Yasmina 😉

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