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I must be obsessed with olive trees. I see them everywhere at the moment! At ancient monasteries like Lady Stanhope’s, in hotels like yesterday in the Bekaa, in cafés like Casa del Gelato and in restaurants like this one in Gemmayzeh (here). Salamlak is new and is located in a hidden place behind Gouraud Street. It has a very Mediterranean and cute interior design, full of colors and paintings from the “art naïf”. I totally fell in love with them and asked the manager where he found them. It happened that the painter Yolande Nawal, a psychology (!) professor, lives next door. He took me to her magical wonder world that really left me speechless! Have a look here.



    • Me & Beirut

      Nice to hear that you’re coming soon 🙂 Hope you will enjoy the restaurant, it’s Leb-Armenian btw 🙂

    • Me & Beirut

      Yes it’s really nice but it was empty twice, I don’t know why… Maybe you should visit 😉

  1. I love Olive trees. We have one here in our garden in Luxor and it has lots of fruit. Going to preserve them this year if we can. Olive trees are a sacred tree as far as I know. You have inspired me to look them up again!!

    • Me & Beirut

      Thank you so much for this very nice comment. It must be wonderful to live in Luxor (as obvious on your blog)!

      • It has its challenges but I love it. However, we could not survive without air-conditioning!!! We are hoping to travel next winter and go to Mt. Sinai. I saw your photos on your blog. Definitely will stay in the monastery if possible.
        Happy travelling.;-)

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