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After each holiday spent in a new place, I am convinced this must be the nicest place ever, like Istanbul or Rome or Cape Town. But of course, the next destination is always an equally amazing discovery, like the extraordinary Maldives and the unique Sri Lanka where we just spent eight days (1 of 2 posts tomorrow). One of the special aspects of traveling from Beirut is the airport bar & restaurant on the picture: SALT. It lies in the first floor but you can see it from the passport control counters already. It has become a traveling ritual for us to wait for boarding there, eating sushi and watching the airplanes, even at three o’clock in the morning. This is the only reason why I’m saving on perfumes and cosmetics nowadays!



  1. Looks nice! Believe me or not I love to spend time on airports … So many different people and I am always so excited that I will be in another place in few hours… Call me crazy, I just like the atmosphere in the airports. 😉
    Tomorrow I want two posts, not one…One is not enough 😀

  2. Me & Beirut

    You are not crazy at aaaall 😉 Hope you’ll get to travel a lot as a star architect 😉

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