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Istirahat Saida

Friends of us married in this beautiful place: Istirahat Saida (here). Istirahat means a place where you can relax and have a break. Unfortunately I missed their marriage but it must have been wonderful, with the amazing view at the historic castle of Saida and the Mediterranean sea… Some people think Saida is too far away for a weekend brunch, but it isn’t! With the panoramic view from almost every angle, the super delicious Baba sweets and the tempting new shopping mall (yes, with a Zara shop), it’s absolutely worth the ride! Which reminds me: My friend the former bride, Hiba, and I wanted to go there soon, for breakfast and shopping and maybe for a short visit to the Debbané Palace (stay tuned!).



    • Me & Beirut

      Such a nice comment! Thank you dear Morwenna, I hope you will like them aaall 🙂

  1. doliphoto

    That is true, in my language, Indonesia, ISTIRAHAT means take a rest or relax and have a break. 🙂

  2. Your photos of gorgeous places with equally gorgeous weather are depressing me 😦 the weather certainly isn’t like that here in Ireland!

    • Me & Beirut

      Ohhhh so sorry for you, but Ireland must be wonderful too! Just visit here regularly 🙂 Thanks for your gorgeous comment 😉

  3. when u go to Debbane palace, go through the old souk, and not through the main road. I am sure you will enjoy mixing up with people there. and there is a small Cafe inside the souk (I can’t remember it’s exact name, something like milk and coffee) try it. As well if you’re interested in religious places (churches) go to Maghdouche 10 min away from Saida…take care, keep those lovely posts coming!

    • Me & Beirut

      thank you so much for your tips 🙂 i’m looking forward to these visits, esp. to the café 😉 oh i love the old souk! …and thanks for your nice words 🙂

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