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Whiskey Mist

Whiskey Mist rocks. Yes, it does (here). The red carpet at the entrance, the waiters in cute uniforms, the curved sofas, this charming bar, they all rock… Except the go go dancers: They juggle. With firesticks! There they were suddenly, dancing on fluorescent tables, wearing only black underwear (to like or not to like, this is here the question. I found a good answer on Ivy’s blog here). But you will definitely like the atmosphere of this nice and elegant nightclub at Phoenicia Hotel (here). And, as usual, don’t go there too early.. Rather spend the first hours of your evening in one of Beirut’s amazing rooftop terraces (more to come), and then come on time for Hisham, Beirut’s one & only Lebanese-German DJ!



  1. elcampeador

    “to like or not to like”.

    Uhh, as a typical male animal, I’d state it as: ‘What’s NOT to like’.. 😉

    • Me & Beirut

      Yes, unfortunately you can’t go anywhere without making a reservation before… especially in Zaytounay Bay btw!

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