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For me it’s a dream village… Maybe because I have some wonderful childhood memories here but also because it’s objectively speaking just charming and lovely and fuuuull of beautiful old traditional houses like this one. My lucky sister just rented a summer house here and the whole family and all new and older friends are now spending their sundays in this cute little village. I spent my first day discovering old treasures in the “titkhite” (attic) of the house and photographing beautiful gardens. Ouf, I could keep writing and writing about this village, but please, go & see yourself! And don’t miss their silk museum (here)! And walk, just walk 🙂



  1. Anonymous

    A lovely authentic village to share with friends and family
    There’s a place there called “Beit El-Dai3a” where you can buy traditional crafts and food…
    Enjoy it

  2. I’m so in love with Bsous that I want to buy a house and spend my life there! I’m especially in love with the big purple tree (bl se7a). 😀 Gr8 post!

  3. Thank you for liking my blog! Greatly appreciated. Obviously I come from the far end of the planet, as I have not heard fo Bsous. Where is it please? It sounds such a charming place. Iggy and I are heading off for one dream tour in the next couple of years and I am compiling a list of magical places that we have to see. Bsous looks like it would fit the bill perfectly.

  4. Fadi Feghali

    This old house is cross away from my house. it’s being vacant for the past 25 years. The loquat and apricot tress are cross away from my balcony. The Easter lilies are on the balcony of my house… My sister and her family still live there.
    Thank you for that beautiful picture.

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