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Classic Burger Joint

“Hamburgers is all we do”, this is what they stress on the waiters t-shirts, the table mats and the espresso cups. I’m sure the whole city has been to Classic Burger Joint (here), apart from us! The branch at Zaytounay Bay is always overcrowded, so I was happy to discover their small and cozy first branch in Sodeco after doing some shopping in the lovely boutiques of Abdel Wahab Street. So here they are, the super delicious flame-grilled Hamburger (yes, in capital letters out of respect!), and the super funny ring I bought in the cute boutique Rue 181 (here). Next time I’ll wear it in the order of “v o l e”, like “I’m flying” with joy about my fast food 😉



  1. Looks delicious! Another place to visit when I finally make it back to Beirut.
    Btw, your Serbian readers will also approve of “vole”, which comes from the verb voleti – to love 😉

    • Me & Beirut

      No way, so cute, what a coincidence! 🙂 So you speak Serbian also!! You must tell me your story when you’re here 😉

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