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Le Particulier

When I mentioned Sodeco in my last post, I remembered the charming nightclub and piano bar Le Particulier at Sodeco square (here), where we spent last New Year’s Eve. They have regular live performances by great artists including the very popular violonist Jihad Akl that you really shouldn’t miss (here). My friend Julia had the idea to party there, and it was great! We spent the night dancing around our table and playing with the cute percussion instruments they gave us at midnight. We loooved the live performers, including a lady from the audience who left us all speechless when she sang Oum Koulthoum to Jihad Akl’s amazing violin music!



  1. Just love Jihad Aki. First purchase I made in Lebanon. Have not been able to find it in the USA. I also got some Rabahnni Brothers i could not find here. Plus I got El Bosta a must see for everyone. Thanks for the article.

    • Ahh so cute 🙂 You made the right choice with all of them! You’re right, bosta is so lovely! 🙂 I’m glad you can confirm about Jihad Akl 😉

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