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Château Kefraya

Where is this? At my grandparent’s house, with the terrace covered with vine leafs, a “arisheh” under which my grandfather used to park his car.. Hm, my “jiddo” didn’t even have a car, although my memory insists he did. But the rest is almost true. It looked exactly like here, at the superb winery of Château Kefraya in the Bekaa valley. Even if you’re not a wine lover and you’re not looking to buy gifts for your friends abroad: Go there for your memories! You will be overwhelmed by the picturesque scene on your way there, by the charming vinyards, by the impressive showroom and cellar and – the super delicious food at the restaurant with the complicated name Le Relais Dionysos. We were there again recently and I couldn’t get enough of the road that leads there.. I just love it, it’s a little dream… (virtual tour here)


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  1. elcampeador

    Breathtakingly beautiful. And the only way I found this beauty, is through your blog. So much for the biased WORLD media, as to how THEY see the world.

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