Tea time! I mean Caffè Latte time, and time for strawberry tarts, éclairs, mille-feuille and other delicious cakes we had today at the lovey piano bar & café Hemingway’s (here) at  Moevenpick Hotel. I mentioned in a previous post (here) how much I like this hotel. You just need to enter the lobby to feel completely transformed into a relaxed and smiling tourist! Well yes I smiled today, delighted with the view of the stormy sea outside while enjoying our delicious cakes in fresh and light rainbow colors… The perfect end to a long week and a promising start to another week as an almost tourist in Beirut 😉



  1. Just came back from Lebanon last week – did not get a chance to visit Beirut 😦 I was staying in a convent for most of the week – led a simple and quite life as you might imagine – my only real comfort was a convenience store about 1 km away that I could walk to – thankful for the little indulgences – will be ready next time with a plan

    • Me & Beirut

      Wooow, this sounds so interesting! I admire people who can do this 🙂 But you definitely need to discover Beirut next time 😉

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