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Wonderland Margot

We were in the beautiful district of Badaro recently, getting some administrative work done, when my husband took me to Café Margot (here). Wow, I would have never expected a place like this here! It’s so cute and so French, they offer delicious food and have a super friendly waiter! I j-u-s-t l-o-v-e-d everything. The drawings on the walls, the cute little “stool corner”, the “souflé de pommes de terre”, even the beautiful umbrella holder! The owners have an unbelievable sense for charming details. It’s so nice to see that they invested outside the standard commercial areas. With more people like them, Beirut could develop the “Kiez-Kultur” like Berlin one day (Culture of districts). Believe me, you should get some administrative work done in Badaro soon!



  1. joe Abdel-Massih

    Thanks a lot Hanan for your generous description and we look forward to welcoming you back… please let me know when you do. Brgds, Joe

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