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I saw a documentary about the Danube river today on the French-German “arte” channel, which reminded me of a beautiful trip we took to Bulgaria. Sofia is a really charming city, full of super impressive historic churches and nice parks. We saw our first open-air fitness studio in one of those parks, and people were really exercising on their way to work, “en passant”! I didn’t want to leave for Varna on the Black Sea, but then I would have missed the famous Golden Sands and the amaaazing boat trip on the Danube river! Have a look.

A beautiful sculpture in the park in Sofia. Are they exercising too?

Is this real? Oh yes, the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia

This is definitely from a fairy tale? It’s still Sofia, the golden St. Nicholas Russian Church

The most impressive of all: The Rotunda of St. George, from the 4th century! And don’t miss the Boyana churh in the forest!

The impressive view of Sofia from the Vitosha national park

For stone lovers: The Stone Forest on the road to Varna, millions of years old and has a cute name: Pobiti Kamani

At the “Golden Sands” beach resort on the Black Sea, with my 5-euro-hat, bought on the commercial promenade of Varna (with its own Eiffel tower!)

A place you will never forget: The Aladzha cave Monastery near Varna. I climbed the million steps in fear…

Another cute church on the way to the Danube river: The Saint Trinity Church. Go there on your own if possible, no bus tours..

At Alfatar, a lovely place with traditional dance and deliiicious cheese and bread!

The romantic and charming Danube river, with Bulgaria to the left and Romania to the right (or vice versa?)



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