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Noël à Paris?

Joyeux Noel, Merry Christmas my dear readers, I hope you’re spending this evening with your loved ones! My mom’s waiting with the festive meal, and I can’t wait to eat Bûche de Noël. But I won’t leave you without some beautiful pictures of Paris and its enchanting Christmas atmosphere. I spent a long weekend there some weeks ago, and I would have loved to stay, to do some more shopping at the supeeeeerb Printemps Mall, to see the ballet Don Quichotte at l’Opéra de Paris and to spend more time in those lovely cafés… But then again, nothing is like Christmas with the family, right? Have a happy evening everyone!

The Louvres pyramid
What’s Paris without the Louvres? I finally got there, braving the bad weather!

Les petits artistes :)
It’s even nicer than in books, it’s a heaven for me, for the little ones… les grands :)
…and for the big ones!

Galeries Lafayette
Speaking of heaven: The sky at Galeries Lafayette, tourists’ favorite mall (here)…

Eve and the apples :)
…with its beautiful decoration that makes big girls smile…

a happy moment :)
…and little girls dream! Isn’t she cute?!

pure beauty ! :)
But don’t miss Printemps mall (here), Parisiennes’ favorite mall, says Rima,…

yummi :)
…who took me to the luxurious Rue Saint Honoré (here) and café Verlet (here)

tired but happy :)
…where I had a hot chocolate and almost fell asleep! JOYEUX NOEL et mille BISOUS 🙂



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