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La Mie Dorée

La Mie Dorée

La Mie Dorée, such a cute name (here). I really like this beautiful café at ABC Mall in Ashrafieh, because it “consoles” me every time I go out from the Chanel shop, with empty hands of course… La Mie Dorée offers me a delicious croissant, a nice fashion magazine – and a smile. The perfect place to enjoy the view to the right (a few trees in the rain), to the left (the dizzying perfume department) and straight ahead: Chanel! And in my hands Brad Pitt with his ad for N° 5 by… Chanel, again! By the way, I just read that La Mie Dorée is a “sister” of Café Paul and Café Balthazar (my posts here and here).



  1. is there anything that you think that a first time visiter to Beirut should not miss? Any cafes/restaurants/sightseeing? 😀

    • Me & Beirut

      dear Zerloos, you just need to choose from aaaall the tips that i left on my blog 😉

  2. Ivy

    I used to go there a lot, since I loved their salmon dish with sweet teryaki-like sauce have you tried it?) , but I could no longer put up with their service, the waiters have way too much attitude and only respond to the “regular”botox botched faces. Too bad for such a pretty little establishment!

    • Me & Beirut

      The salmon dish sounds great but I don’t go there (or to Chanel!) a lot. You’re right, the waiters are busy but they’re friendly! You probably should go there in the morning 😉

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