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Qamar el Sham

I really miss Syria. We used to go there at least once a year. We visited Latakia, Aleppo, Homs and of course Damascus. I love Damascus, it gives the best image of the Orient. It is much more Orient than any city in Lebanon. And its people are incredibly friendly and welcoming. I deeply feel with them, with the thousands of refugees who are fleeing the violence in their home. Many of them are in Lebanon now, I truly hope their horror situation will be over very soon. I will go back with them then, I’m dreaming of Damascus and of a night in this suuuper beautiful hotel: Talisman (here). Here are some photos of a previous trip to Damascus, to beautiful el Sham.

Hammam of the King
What’s Damascus without its Hammams? I’ve only been to one in Istanbul though!

Citadel of Damascus
The impressive Old Citadel of Damascus (here). These were architecture students.

The Souk
Outside Souk el Hamidiyeh market (here) where we bought a beautiful painting.

chez Monsieur Azem
At a place that I really like: Azem Palace, at the end of the Souk, so romantic (here)!

@ Umayyad Mosque
At the world-famous Umayyad Mosque that used to be a Basilica (here).

chez Sayyida Ruqayya
At Sayyidah Rouqaya (here) near the Souk but Sayyida Zeinab is more famous (here).

@ "Joqomqiya"
I love Arabic calligraphy, so I couldn’t miss “its” museum (here)!

Qamar El Sham
“Qamar el Sham”, Damascus’ Moon. May the sun rise above you soon, Sham…



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