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Golf club of Lebanon

Endless green...

When I was doing my PhD in Berlin, I needed to compensate my frustration with a nice activity. So I chose to learn golf at a place in “Berlin Mitte”, made especially for students. I enjoyed it a lot. Then I stopped and the virus went over to my sister in Munich who’s still playing to date. Thanks to a veeery nice gentleman that I know, we discovered recently the super beautiful and amazing Golf Club of Lebanon (here)! You would have never imagined such a green oasis in Beirut! We went there today, although it’s raining, with the wrong clothes and the wrong shoes, but ma3le, nobody cares. I took a golf lesson, and I l-o-v-e-d it. Mr. Golf, I am back, definitely!



  1. Sahin

    Hello Hanan,
    i realy don’t know why you was frustated…forget the “bad times” and think about our next “come together”.
    We miss you here in Germany (near Berlin…) . And be sure – if you visit us next time, your “guest room” will be finished and ready for staying how long you like. Be sure.
    What i want to say is just – i love Lebanon, your photos, your taste and hope to visit your country very soon.
    Ana kaman, Sahin

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