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Harbor 201

inside & outside

You think highways are boring and not the best place to go out? Well, the port highway in Beirut is home to many impressive clubs/lounges (one of which is B018, my post here). Have you ever noticed the super beautiful building above? I’ve always wanted to visit one of the places inside and was delighted to finally do that some weeks ago. Harbor 201 (here) was such a nice surprise. The dinner was deliiicious, the music was (mostly) our taste and the party was awesome, especially due to Julia’s hot salsa moves! Even our men couldn’t stop dancing! So now it’s time to try Kotch in the upper level. Is it a Sushi bar?, a Chinese restaurant?, no, a luxurious Turkish Hammam (here). Des surprises partout, this Lebanon!



    • Me & Beirut

      You’re right, the bar is really nice; will tell you more about the hamam 😉

  1. Do they still have a live music band? I haven’t been there in a veryyyy long time but I remember their live band was excellent…

    • they do have a live band ,, but sorry i didnt like them that much .. on the other side, their DJ is amazing ..

    • Me & Beirut

      Yes they had at least two live bands and a DJ, and at the end, a girl from the audience sang – which was rather funny 😉

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