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Somebody asked me recently why there are no German restaurants in Lebanon. Well, there is one, at City Mall. It’s called “Schnitzels” (here), like the German word for escalope. It’s an “authentic German restaurant”, they assure you, but Schnitzels are of course eaten in many other countries, especially in Österreich/Austria, but also in Iran and Israel, as I just read! The waitresses at Schnitzels wear the traditional “Dirndl” dresses, and even the hands on the picture are authentic German by the way; this is my friend’s brother who is trying the Jägerschnitzel (I think), which means Schnitzel with a champignon sauce. Ok, enough said, it’s time to eat. Yalla, essen 🙂



  1. Jagerschnitzels are my favorite. Jagerschnitzel literally translates into hunter’s schnitzel in German. Good stuff. I am also found of kasslers, which are smoke cured pork chops.

    • Me & Beirut

      Jägerschnitzel is lecker, but I prefer my Schnitzel with no sauce at all, “pure” 😉

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