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Hotel Radisson Blu Martinez

What’s your favorite part about traveling? The beach? The restaurants? The museums? For me, the hotels are on top the list! If something is wrong there, they can ruin your holiday! And if they’re nice, they can make you super happy. We regularly try hotels in Beirut, although we live here of course, and it’s always been big fun lhamdillah! We’ve tried so many so far, and I would like to share some photos with you. Let’s start with Radisson Blu Martinez Hotel (here), a nice one that literally stands in “Phoenicia’s shadow”. I think it’s rather a business hotel but we spent a very pleasant night there and had a relaxing walk in the area, including Ein el Mreisseh and Hard Rock Café…

The nice restaurant where they offer a delicious buffet

The view
The modest but lovely sea view – large enough to make you feel freee!

The lobby
The nice lobby where you can have a drink, chat on your mobile…

…or look at yourself in the mirrors ;.)



  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. As this is my first trip to Beirut, it was very exciting. It was even more so, because I could attend an event that was so non-tourist. All the best to you.

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