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The moats of Enfe

Back to you today to tell you about Enfe, a very cute little place, a kind of small fisher port on the Northern coast near Chekka (here). A tourist told me recently that he had been there. I was astonished since it’s a rather hidden place (but ok, Lonely Planet mentions it). It has few remains of a Crusader castle and two very large moats/ditches in the rocks, one of them is 40 m long. Very impressive, when you stand inside. However, the place is very dirty, malheureusement, and nobody seems to value its historic meaning. Maybe they will when enough tourists go to visit. So yalla, your turn!

Fishermen's port
Looks like in Greece or Italy: The fishermen’s port.

A beautiful place from every perspective.

Old house
As I just said!

Looks like Enfe’s salt ponds but I guess it’s just water.

Sunset Charming from dusk till dawn.


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