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My Istanbul delights

I loooooove Istanbul! One of the most beautiful cities in the world. Unbeatable. It has a very special charm, a unique atmosphere, with the Bosphorus, the pigeons, the old city, the souks, the mosques, the cafés and – the food! Ouuuf the food. You’ve seen plenty of photos of Istanbul, I’m sure, but here are phtotos of the little things that make me come back so often! The Döner is missing, by the way. It’s a Turkish meat sandwich, like shawarma, that you can find in Turkey, Germany and now Lebanon too (in Hamra). But where does it taste best? In Berlin, for sure!

Les oeufs
Cute eggs that remind me of my grandmother’s “inn” (=chicken house)

3assal :)
Delicious “3assal” that reminds me of my uncle’s beeyard, really, not kidding!

The delicious Turkish (pita?) bread. Similar to Lebanese “khebez”, no?

Le pigeon
Watching this elegant pigeon while having breakfast

Roasted chestnuts, a hand full of calories – and warm happiness!

Kahva :)
Turkish coffee. Or Lebanese? Just thinking, these photos could have been in Lebanon!



    • Me & Beirut

      Thank you for your comment, Turkey is indeed a very beautiful country, I’ve never been to the South.. Will have to do that soon. Regards from Beirut.

  1. Istanbul is such a fascinating city. When I visited there with my parents some years ago, I loved getting lost in its magnificent bazaar. We stumbled upon an artisan that delicately painted quotations from many faiths/cultures on dried leaves, and even ostrich eggs. Just stunning! Your images reminded me of that. 🙂

    • Me & Beirut

      Your description makes me want to go back to Istanbul! Thanks for reading & liking 🙂

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