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Mövenpick Hotel

The name Mövenpick has always attracted me. It started with delicious Mövenpick icecream at my favorite place in Berlin, then I fell in love with the beautiful white tent of Mövenpick hotel in Rawcheh (here) . It reminded me of the desert, with men in abayas sitting on the floor, drinking strong tea and watching dark-eyed belly dancers… in a luxurious, air-conditioned version of course! Then, somehow, this hotel became our “family hotel”. I’ve spent so much precious family time there, enjoying the night sky at Square Bar with my sister, having dinner at Hamam restaurant with my family in law (Möven is German for Hamam), eating sushi with my mom at Méditerranée (one of the best buffets in town!) – or just holding hands with my husband on our room’s balcony. Have a look at “my” Mövenpick!

The entrance to Mövenpick Hotel
Here it is, the entrance to many precious moments… Happy about the German flag!

Mövenpick's tent
And here is the beautiful white tent, covering the Lebanese restaurant “Burj el Hamam”

Palms & the sea
And here is the Mediterranean, with the palms, the sun, the beach and the pools

@ Square bar
The refreshingly bright bar & lounge Square (my post here)

@ Hemingway's
A quiet moment, reading about whiskey at Hemingway’s café (my post here)

L'éclair de bonheur
… and enjoying this terribly delicious & stylish éclair!



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