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Tiramisu @ Olio


I know a very beautiful woman whose eyes, smile and skin shine light like crazy. But she always talks about getting thinner. So I gave her some advice on how to get or at least stay thin. 1) Listen well to your stomach. If it wants to eat salty, eat salty, if sweet, eat sweet. 2) If you can’t resist chocolate or ice cream, eat some, but skip your next meal (sorry). 3) Add tomatoes or cucumbers to your meals to get a full stomach faster. And last but not least, 4) Drink water, lots of water, especially during meals. The beautiful woman listened well to me and then, she looked at me and said: Why do all that if I’m shining anyway! Elle a raison. So I gave her the best advice ever: Go and have Tiramisu for dinner tonight. Here it is for you, my favorite tiramisu in Beirut so far, at Olio (here)!


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