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Le Royal

I’m not a big swimmer. Am I a swimmer at all? But I enjoy lying in the sun in chic hotels like Royal Dbayeh (here). I’ve always wondered why somebody would book his/her holidays in Dbayeh (!), but now I can imagine some reasons: For the tennis court with the superb view, for the little flower in the bathroom, for the swimming pool bar, for the delicious calamari and for the nice valet staff who took 10 minutes to take a picture of me at the entrance that eventually turned out blurry! Here are some pics that I took quickly myself before my camera batteries died… Have a look, and think of me when you go there 😉

Sweet delights that didn’t survive 3 minutes, before…

Room view
…I ate them on the balcony, looking at this beautiful house.

View at the pool
Here the view at the sea and the pool…

The swimming pool
…where we had drinks, dinner and breakfast.

Le Royal
And here Le Royal itself, …

Miniature ship
… five stars that carry you away 🙂



  1. Mike Dondie

    Great post and photos. I miss Lebanon a lot. Hope things get better in the country soon… we’re fed up from politics and religious extremism in Lebanon and the whole region.

    • Me & Beirut

      yes you’re right, we just wanna live, and live well 😉 thank you for reading 🙂

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