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Beautiful Florence

I mentioned the Romans in my last post but forgot to tell you that I was in their lands again recently, en Italie. J’adore l’Italie! Its people, its pasta, its espresso, its nature, its colors, its fashion, ahhhh my passion has no end. I won’t tell you long stories, just two important tips for you for Florence: Book your tickets for the Galleria degli Uffizi online in advance, and visit the outlets The Mall (expensive) and Barberini (affordable). Enjoy!

Les belles maisons
I have no words for so much beauty…

Coffee & co.
How else can you start your day in Italy?

In a quiet morning, on my way to the superb Galleria degli Uffizi…

The river
…past the beautiful Ponte Vecchio with its gold shops (view from the museum).

Her smile and some grapes – what a charming break.

I wish one of them was mine, or maybe a Fiat 500? I love both!

Imagine you study fashion here? So cool!

Happiness on a plate, so many of it and for so many days…

In the surroundings of Florence, on the way to… Siena! (still so many posts to come…)



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