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Maté in Aley

Maté celebration

My grandmother used to drink Maté everyday, a herbal drink supposed to come from Argentina, she used to love it. So did I. No, I wish I could say that… for the sake of my grandmother. But I never got used to its severe taste. However, it seems to be very popular with young people these days. Cool and hip youngsters in Germany drink it from cool & hip glass bottles available everywhere. They drink it on their bicycles, in the metro, at work. Choufé téta, you were a trendsetter… However, Maté is a very “social” drink, like Arguileh; you have to drink it in company, like above at the Maté Factory in Aley (here), not alone on your way to university, or alone at home with your little granddaughter observing and following you with her impressed but irritated eyes. You remember, téta?



  1. donmamdouh

    Though I heared abt matte’ many times, never got the chance to taste it or “experience” the drinking protocol 🙂

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