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Batroun, a beautiful and sleepy place in North Lebanon, where old meets new, where ancient churches and dormant ruins tell you stories of love and glory from the past, and where the young and the beautiful spend never ending nights partying in the city’s famous clubs and pubs. Oh, I forgot the concerts, directly at the beach, where I first met Wael Kfoury, le prince charmant of every Arabic dreaming female heart. So many reasons to visit Batroun… Have a look.

Belle vue
What Batroun is most known for: Its sunny, lively and sleepy beaches…

…the charming fisher boats in its ancient harbor,

…and the incredibly delicious fish that you can’t get enough of (like here at Le Marin).

But what I love most in Batroun are the narrow streets and beautiful churches,

Old house
…the old houses and ruins that tell you secret stories from the past,

Promising view
…and the renovated buildings that make me sometimes wish I was a “Batrouniyeh”!



  1. srsck

    Hmmm brings back memories of my last trip to Lebanon in ’09…My aunt and uncle live here, I love that place!!

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