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Adorable Munich

My beloved Munich. A late but intense love. So chic, so fine, so beautiful, so cultural (don’t miss the renovated Lenbachhaus), so natural, so green, so brown during autumn, so full with regional and international tourists, so cool with its river surfers (here), and sooo delicious. I usually spend my time there eating, I must admit (I don’t see why my mother-in-law says I eat like a “fara”, a mouse). Sooo thankful for the beautiful moments I have spent in this adorable city that makes me miss Germany seriously sometimes. Have a look.

The best Schokocroissants live in Germany, not in France!

At bakery
Have I really just had a croissant? A second breakfast at a local “Konditorei”.

Looking forwad for lunch with these serious temptations at Nordsee chain…

Old city
…at one of the many beautiful and charming market places.

Have a break, have a (huge!) piece of cake at Caffè San Pietro near the Saint Peters Church.

Any better way to end a wonderful day with wonderful people? Miss you München!


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