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Debbané Palace

What’s the name of one of the nicest flower shop chains in Lebanon? Exotica, bien-sûr (here). And what’s the name of their childhood residence? Debbané Palace, in Saida (here). This is what the bored guide at the palace told us, when we finally got there after asking approximately 7 people (ok it was really clearly signposted..). The building is being renovated, since years, and some of the rooms can’t be visited, but the rest is really more than enough to blow you away. It makes you dream of cedar wood, of big family reunions, of inner courts with fountains, of little children running around, of elder women chatting around a copper cup of coffee, of elder men coming home in shirwel trousers and with “boundoukiyeh” weapons in their hands (i love clichés!). Have a look at some of the beautiful details. Saida is waiting for you!

This sofa makes you feel like a queen/a king when you sit on it.

One of the many precious accessories, maybe an Aladdin lamp?

The green courtyard with the stable.

And I haven’t shown you the view yet! Come with me…


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