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Atlantis Diving College

I have always wondered why I fear deep water so much. I even avoid dipping my head into it in a swimming pool. Probably it’s because I never learned to swim properly (my parents should have thrown me into the water as a baby, like most Germans do). Or because of the big Unkown that can happen to me down there, a leg, an arm, or even a shark, who knows. But most probably it’s the blue silence that scares me. Being alone, with this dull and intrusive sound, far from the beating rhythms of life over the surface, this absolute intimacy and exclusive tête-à-tête with oneself, this is somehow unbearable. I should swim more often to get to love it. How I admire people like my sister who swims a long way offshore, or my husband who can swim for hours and even acquired an Open Water Diving License last year, at Atlantis Diving College in Jounieh (here). Have a look at this nice place. One of its managers is a German, by the way.

Lebanese flags welcoming you at the entrance (that leads through a hotel by the way).

The scenic view from the front desk…

Old house
…and the beautiful mountain view behind you.

Diving suit
And now, ready to go with these diving suits… Enjoy the Mediterranean.



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