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Siena and Pisa

I wonder about Pisa, the Pisa tower. We are relentlessly pursuing perfection, total symmetry for our faces, exact weight for our bodies, perfect shine for our hair, correct words for our phrases, purest color for our strawberries, we don’t tolerate irregularities, at no time and in no place. But there comes Pisa, the Pisa tower. Total asymmetry, massive inclination, illogical construction, but we love it. We travel for hours by car (like us, coming from Siena) or by plane to reach it, we stand in line for hours to enter it (what we definitely skipped!) and we pride ourselves on having seen it. Does it make sense to you? Personally, Pisa inspires me to understand that little deviations make things more interesting, more charming and individual, more special. Which reminds me of the asymmetry of my eyebrows, the imperfection of my nose, the indomitability of my hair, the length of my hands, … I’ll stop here, leaving you with some photos of Pisa and the amaaaaazing Siena!

Piaza del campo
The beating heart of Siena in Tuscany, full of tourists and, once per year, of race horses.

Me in my bright happiness in the streets of Siena….

Siena houses
…with its beautiful old houses and churches and cozy little cafés and bars.

Siena nature
A calm moment and a precious view before leaving for…

Pisa tower
Pisa. In its irritating but lovely and fascinating imperfection.

Pisa tramway
And finally the tram that took us back from Pisa to Beirut 😉



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