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Le Gray Hotel

Our stay at this hotel centered around colors… The room was so beautiful, full of whites and greens and shiny colors, the golden sunshine filled every corner of the place, the espresso cups were a piece of art, the painting on the wall made our souls dip deep into spring… And the book, ohhh the book: “The Way We Live with Colors”, one of many beautiful books meant to sweeten your stay, including thick publications about Lebanese and Syrian artists (that you can buy here by the way). For all these reasons, I loved to stay at Hotel Le Gray (here), but also for its beautiful rooftop pool, its bathtub tv (!), its “Senteurs D’Orient” soaps (here), its mini elephant at the entrance, its courteous cleaning personnel, its Cherry Bar (here), its yummy French fries and – the precious time it offered me with my husband 🙂

Room serviceA delicious Italian moment.

Heritage at its best: The view at Beirut’s charming old center.

Pool chairs
Beautiful from every perspective…!

The superb rooftop pool.

What a nice place, the spa with a relaxation room.

The book that I fell in love with (I was so sad they had no copy left…)

Le Grey
Bye bye Le Gray… see you soon.



  1. Anonymous

    Remember walking by Grey,s. Wish we had checked it out. Thank you. Next time.

  2. Just came across your blog… absolutely love it so inspiring.. makes me want to go travelling. definitely following to stay updated x

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