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Rawche cut off

Rawche grotto

It hurts me to see the Pigeon Grotto cut off from the rest of Lebanon this way. They put fences along a part of the coast to hinder local tourists from entering the area leading to the sea, where they want to start construction works. Hundreds of people walk along the promenade every day, eating ice cream and relaxing, spending hours looking beyond the horizon and recharging their mental and spiritual batteries. For hundreds of years, Rawche, or the Pigeon Grotto, has been watching them come and go, with changing clothing styles but the same wishes and worries. Now with this fence, Rawche was cut off and people’s thoughts are being cut through, reaching the horizon only in pieces. Let’s hope the pigeons still have unhindered access. Hamama beida rafet rafet fo2 fo2 rasi, ghatet il hamama w dehketli. A white pigeon flew, flew over my head, the pigeon alighted and smiled to me.



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