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Le Vendôme Beirut

My husband’s sister used to stay at Le Vendôme Beirut with her family when she was living abroad. We used to visit them, wait for the kids to finish showering and order room service. I used to love the coziness of the rooms that resulted from the beautiful wall paper and the thickness of the carpets. Last year around Christmas, we spent some days there ourselves. What I remember most are all the beautiful details in our room, from the red roses to the rose water, the sea view from Sydney’s and the delicious food. Oh, and another lovely kid with soft brown hair, sitting at the table next to us, admired by myself, the waiters, his beautiful model-like mama and his even more beautiful aunt. However, at the center of my attention was… the silver croissant basket – see below!

Christmas tree
A welcoming red Christmas tree at the entrance

Red romance on our balcony

Rose water
As beautiful as it tastes: Oriental rose water in our room

View from Sydney's
The extraordinary view from the rooftop bar & restaurant Sydney’s…

…with its opulent breakfast buffet and the most beautiful croissant basket ever!



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