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Dead Sea destinations

You know those lovely pictures of people lying horizontally in the Dead Sea in Jordan, wearing a sunhat and reading a book? Forget them! Pure illusions, at least for me. When we traveled to the Dead Sea some years ago, we stayed at the beautiful Mövenpick Hotel, with its private beach, where big jars of natural mud were waiting for you – but also several guys with bottles of fresh water, ready to pour it over your head and rescue you, once you reach the sea water and get your eyes literally burnt by its high salt content. There was no way I could stay in there without goggles, that I hadn’t packed, of course. So next time you plan your visit to Jordan, pack goggles – and a sunhat for the long trips to the impressive Baptism Site of Jesus Christ on the Jordan River and the very beautiful site on Mount Nebo, where Moses was shown the Holy Land.

Mövenpick Hotel, Dead Sea
Calm and serenity at Mövenpick Hotel.

Mud jar
At the roots of natural spa. A jar of mud worth hundreds of dollars.

Path at Baptism Site
A long walk in the sun along the Jordan River.

Access to the Jordan River
The site where Jesus Christ was most likely baptised.

Church at Baptism Site
The Greek-Orthodox Church at the Baptism Site.

View from Mount Nebo
The superb view from the very inspirational and spiritual site Mount Nebo…

Wish tree
…where I planted a little dream on a wish tree. Did it come true? Try it out!



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