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Subjectivity @ El Soussi

Foul restaurants are rather rare in Beirut. That’s what I thought, until I read about El Soussi in Mar Elias. Our whole family gathered there some time ago, and they prepared a large table for us in their narrow place. After doing several disoriented rounds in Mar Elias and Batrakiyeh we eventually reached our hidden destination. Once inside, my 9-year old nephew saw the CNN “certificate” hanging on the wall, recommending El Soussi as one of the best places for breakfast in the world. “How can they say that so absolutely? It’s a question of personal taste”, he said. And he was right. How do we know which criteria CNN used for the evaluation (cleanliness was obviously not one of them) or if we even deem them as significant as they do. We trust CNN as a news channel but do we trust them as food critics? I couldn’t but think that the rating was probably based on a young foreign reporter’s opinion who happened to live in an airbnb apartment in Mar Elias and loved to spend his sunday mornings chatting with Mr. El Soussi. Anyway, the pickles and olives were bad but the rest was very delicious and unusual.

Not the foul in question but the delicious Fatté

Taybeh from every perspective


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