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Mothers @ Khirbet Kanafar

My mother has a friend who comes from the beautiful village of Khirbet Kanafar in the Bekaa Valley. She would love to live there together with her 96-year old mother and enjoy the calm, the clean air, the green nature and the birds singing, but one of her sons lives in Beirut and somehow, very kindly, forces her to stay with him to take care of his little daughter when he and his wife are at work. So she spends her mornings cooking in her narrow dark kitchen, her afternoons entertaining her granddaughter and her evenings watching football (Mr. Son is a football-addict). Although she feels and looks very exhausted, when asked why she doesn’t go into her well-earned (of course unpaid) “retirement”, she says “What would happen to them?”. Clearly, the sense of sacrifice of a mother knows no limits – the sense of exploitation of some children either. Or what do you think?
Here are some pictures of the idyllic German Johann Ludwig Schneller School at Khirbet Kanafar.

Farm house
One of many beautiful houses at the school

The entrance to the bakery…

…where they bake many types of German bread.

They sell the bread in Beirut by the way, for example at the German evangelical community.



  1. What a quandary she finds herself in. Indeed, the selflessness of a mother… Khirbet Qanafar looks beautiful.

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