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Cakes @ Liza

In a recent episode of the TV program “Top Ten” on al Jadeed, they described the top ten unique, typically Lebanese habits, such as driving a moped charged with an arguileh and even  charcoal, or shooting in the air when a politician shows up on TV. I think they should have added the habit of taking a cake to a restaurant, making the waiters light the firework candles and surprising (the unsurprised) birthday kid after finishing dinner, singing Happy Birthday together with the waiters. It happens so often that waiters nowadays probably need to have minimum singing qualities to be hired. I have participated in this several times, I must admit, and I even organized it once – at the beautiful oriental restaurant Liza in Ashrafieh.  By bringing a homemade brownie cake instead of a cake from Pain d’Or, La Cigale, etc., I unintentionally surprised – the waiters. “We just wanted to ask: Haida chou?” (lol).

The food at Liza. How beautiful is this piece of bread?

Eggplant paste
Isn’t this eggplant paste a piece of art?

One of the best makanek ever.

Daoud Bacha
The one and only Daoud Bacha.



  1. TK

    This makes me want to try it! I’ve heard so much about it, but the pictures alone are worth a thousand words.

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