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Tourists in Byblos

When foreigners ask you about the security situation in Lebanon, what do you answer? Would you recommend going to Tripoli, Baalbeck or Anjar, although you know that their embassies warn against traveling to those cities? You don’t want to harm Lebanon’s tourism, and you know very well that nothing will happen, but you don’t want to take risks either. We had German friends over at our place last week, and they asked if we would visit Tripoli these days. Of course we would, but do we just tell them “yes, go ahead?”. They will anyway, that’s for sure. They went to Bint Jbeil in South Lebanon, which is rather unusual, considering the long distance to Beirut and the necessity of an access pass for places beyond the Litani river. To be on the safe side, you can always recommend Jbeil/Byblos. It’s always stable and joyful, with its ancient castle, romantic fisher port, clean public beaches, famous fish restaurants, lovely wax museum and much more. However, most tourists would laugh at you. Visiting Byblos is as self-evident as trying a man’oushé!

View from Pépé
The view at the port from the world famous fish restaurant Chez Pépé

A lovely little mosque in the heart of the old city center (some people want to get rid of it, it seems)

Speaking of hearts… How romantic.

Saint Charbel
The touching statute of Mar Charbel at the Wax Museum

One of the most beautiful houses in Lebanon. Haidé Jbeil, this is Byblos.



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