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Women at Phoenicia Hotel

The last time I was at Phoenicia Hotel, I was attending a conference. Afterwards, I sat down at the beautiful lounge Cascades, with two young ladies from an International organization. One of them had just arrived from abroad for her assignment, she had a pretty face and shiny black hair but was a little, only a little overweight. The other one was Lebanese, I knew her for a year or so and wondered why she had become so skinny. She said she had changed her eating habits and reduced the amount of food considerably. Her colleague was taught that it was not acceptable to walk around in Lebanon with that extra weight deposit around her hips. So she was put under observation and wasn’t allowed to drink a hot chocolate that day (she didn’t even complain, feeling rather guilty and grateful). I am certain this was one of the reasons why she left Lebanon only five weeks after her arrival! Yes dears, you -are- allowed to be fat, to be tall, to be small, to be skinny – just as you wish.  “Come as you are”, as Crepaway says.

The best way to relax and listen to the fountain…

… with its calming cascades.

What shall I say here? …

The beautiful lady at the spa. Observing her in my swimsuit but no guilty feelings 😉

Outside lobby
The area outside, here dressed in oriental style.

Mosaic restaurant where you can definitely gain a kilo or two in one evening! Who cares?!



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