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Ramlet el Baida

I read today that parts of the public beach of Ramlet el Baida in Beirut risks to be closed to the public, due to some new real estate projects. This would really break my heart. I love to walk there, this is my favorite part of Ras Beirut’s coastline. I spend a lot of time walking back and forth on the (dirty….) sand or on the promenade, like so many young lovers, families with kids, elder joggers or even security officers whose task is to protect the fancy buildings and to hinder me from taking pictures. Oh, and last time I met Snow White there. She was spending some quality time with her friends, her hair blowing in the wind. What would she say if she heard of the construction plans? She could go walk in the parc, in Horsh Beirut for example. But oh, I forgot, that one is closed too!

Beit Ward
A lovely sight on the way to the beach: Restaurant Beit Ward

Snow White
Here she is, Snow White, watching the sea and the people as long as she still can…

Getting nostalgic at the view of the airplanes. Khidni ma3ak…

On the beach
Hello sand…

Grand Café
The superb view from Grand Café, the best place to rest after a long walk.



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