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Fathers at Diem

Once I was having breakfast with my Mom and my sister at Café Diem in Ashrafieh. It was on Mother’s Day. I asked them why all societies gave this day such a special attention, compared to Father’s day that is not even celebrated everywhere. Alone this year we celebrated Mother’s day three times: In Lebanon, in Germany and in France (where parts of our families live). They both looked at me very surprised, as if I had asked why a circle is round (and my Mom was a little offended, I think). Fathers play an equally important role in raising children, be it on the emotional, pedagogical or intellectual level. They are not only those who pay, or those who play with the kids on Sunday. Although I cherish my mom and adore her, I am also highly attached to my father and was strongly influenced by him. He taught me tolerance, forgiveness, perseverance and the love for the Arabic language and calligraphy – to say the least. Maybe that’s why, instinctively, I married on Father’s Day! Happy Father’s Day to you Dad, bel arabi, auf Deutsch et en français.

Quinoa, the queen of gastronomy at the moment

We were late, so our breakfast consisted mainly of sandwiches

The beautifully decorated chips that come with every sandwich

A touch of nature in the corner

My elegant espresso with yummy biscuits. Homemade too?



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