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Books at Grid

One of the most dangerous places for my (and my husband’s!) bank cards are libraries. I usually go there to buy a magazine or a greeting card and end up buying tons of books on personal development, psychology, travel destinations, cooking and a lot more. Once I even developed a trick to limit my expenses: I selected three books from a big stack that I had collected and photographed the rest to buy it later. Another much more pleasant solution is to sit down somewhere and page the yet unpaid books in calm, while sipping a delicious coffee. That’s why those libraries with integrated cafés in Germany and probably in Europe are so ingenious. Sometimes you even have piano music playing in the background -live!- while you indulge in your books and drinks. I looked for such a place for a long time in Lebanon – until I found GRID at Librairie Antoine in Beirut Souks. What a relief, what a super place! There’s also Paper Cup in Gemmayzeh, but they sell selected books only.

I didn’t even mention the nice view.

Indulging my coffee in the second branch of Grid in Beirut Souks

Yumyum in a cup.

Muffin seduction.

Some books at Librairie Antoine – no, I didn’t buy those – yet!



  1. I have the same obsession >.< I tend to spend hours at bookstores and then I buy tons of book… It's the best 'dangerous' habit a person can have in my opinion 🙂


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